OmTown Yoga Class Descriptions

Transform your well-being, spark your personal growth, experience fulfillment with OmTown Yoga’s class offerings!


Level 1+

Students with little or no experience of yoga will learn foundational poses, safe alignment and basic “vocabulary” to practice yoga with confidence and care.  Continuing and/or returning students will learn to refine their current yoga practice and discover a new level. Everyone will experience their breath and body in mind-expanding ways in a safe and friendly environment.  All props, including mats, are available. Your posture and outlook on life may improve!

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is slow, deliberate, and respectful of each student’s unique physique.  Great for seniors, recovering over-achievers, injured athletes and reforming couch potatoes.  Slow down and gain the deeply rewarding benefits of safe, invigorating movement, guided concentration, breathing, and balance exercises, all amidst good company!   Your nervous system will thank you.  No experience necessary.

All Levels

This well-rounded, full spectrum class welcomes anyone familiar with a variety of basic yoga poses, and a desire to delve deeper into the breadth of yoga’s life-affirming practices.  An All Levels class is meant to challenge but not discourage you, to nudge everyone to practice at their own, most astonishing level.  Props and guidance are available to help make the class accessible but please no acute injuries.

Level I-II

For advanced beginners to intermediate students with no acute injuries, and an interest in expanding and refining your yoga  education.   Improve core strength and balance, soothe and support your nervous system,  and practice standing poses, twists, forward bends, backbends, inversions and more.  Learn basic pranayama and meditation techniques.

Slow Flow Vinyasa

Vinyasa is a general term that means movement coordinated and integrated with breathing, and is often based on a purposeful flow through Sun Salutations and variations on this popular sequence of poses.  By linking breath and movement in a mindful, athletic sequence of poses, students gain greater strength, mobility, focus and confidence.

Relax, Rest & Restore

Restorative and Yoga Nidra. No yoga experience is needed to practice and benefit from these classes. Restorative Yoga is also known as “active relaxation” and the body is supported with props to relieve the effects of chronic stress and tension. Restorative Yoga gently opens the body, deepens the breath, and calms the mind. Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, invites you to deeply rest as the teacher guides you through a completely passive practice (after a series of easeful movement poses) that boosts your immune system and helps resolve sleep deficit. One hour of yoga nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of a deep sleep.

Chair Yoga

Chair-Assisted Yoga is for those who find it difficult to get down on, or up from, the floor, for any variety of reasons. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of relaxation, conscious breathing, and gentle exercise  in this  class. Students are encouraged to use available props like chairs and walls to practice exercises that support balance, strength, and mobility.  You’ll learn how daily activities are opportunities to practice yoga exercise that will improve your balance, coordination, concentration and sense of well being–and you can practice at home in your easy chair!

Level II-III

An Intermediate level class. Practice at a moderate to vigorous pace and learn advanced poses. Increase your subtle body awareness. Cultivate steadiness and ease. Experience and refine your understanding of biomechanical principles and energy anatomy. One year of regular class experience or private practice recommended.

Yoga for a Healthy Back

For all levels and abilities, this class will use yoga poses and sequencing specifically tailored to anyone looking to focus on strengthening, supporting, healing, and/or maintaining a healthy back and spine. Explore safe, adaptable, and effective yoga postures, including standing, seated, backbends, twists, and forward bends. Specifically designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and core stability.

Yoga for Healthy Bones

 Scientific studies have shown that yoga can prevent and reverse bone loss. In this class, we will practice poses that will safely build and strengthen your bones. This class is inspired by Dr. Loren Fishman’s “Yoga for Osteoporosis Method”.

FAQ & Reviews

What are the studio policies?

Please refer to our Studio Policies page

Must I register in advance or can I just drop in?

Most of our classes are drop-in with no pre-registration required.  Purchase a class pass (see Register on the menu), bring your receipt (printed, or show us on your phone) and drop in to any class on the daily schedule.  You’ll sign-in at the studio when you arrive, and your attendance will be noted on your virtual pass. Certain “specialty” classes with limited enrollment are offered as a Class Series, with specific beginning and ending dates, and payment and registration in advance is requested.  If you’d like to try a specialty class to see if it’s right for you, please contact the teacher directly or email


Which class is best for me?

We recommend trying a class that is convenient to your schedule and, if you can, to try several classes to find which most inspire you.  We have several classes appropriate for new and beginning students described on the Classes page.  Anyone can do Yoga!  Purchase a single class or class pass on the Register page in denominations of 1, 6, 10 or 20-classes each with a suggested duration (aka expiration date) for use. If you will be on extended vacation or experience circumstances that make it physically impossible for you to use your pre-paid pass in the requested time period, please let us know and we can put the pass on hold.  If you must miss a class in a Series that has a start and end date, you may make it up in any other class offered by the teacher during the ongoing session. Fees are not transferable to subsequent sessions without the teacher’s consent.

Do I need to bring anything?
All props are provided, including yoga mats, blankets, blocks, straps and more. And you are welcome to bring your own, especially your own mat. We provide a safe cleaning spray for you to wipe mats after class.  We also have good-quality mats for sale at the studio.  We do not provide storage for your personal props.
What should I wear?
Wear comfortable, non-binding but not-too-baggy, clean clothing that allows freedom of movement and a clear view or outline of your knees. T-shirt/tank and shorts or leggings are fine. We work in bare feet. We have a small changing room and restroom. Please no perfume, scents or heavy jewelry.
Can I practice on an empty, or full, stomach?
It’s best to refrain from eating at least one to two hours before class. If you need some “fuel”  before class, have a light snack. We keep some emergency snacks and juice on hand. Always let your teacher know if you feel light-headed or faint, and rest if you need to.  You can bring water in a closed container into the yoga room and we have filtered water available.
What if I arrive late or I have to leave early or I'm on call?
Classes begin and end on time. If you do arrive late and the class has already settled into quiet sitting, you can sign in at the desk and and then wait quietly and patiently for a signal from the teacher to come into the classroom. If you must leave a class before its ending time, please let the instructor know beforehand and, optimally, leave quietly before shavasana (corpse pose).  Leave your silenced cell phone with your shoes in the lobby area.  If you’re on call and must vibrate, please let the teacher know.
I have an injury, can I participate?
Please inform your teacher about any health concerns, injuries or movement limitations you have.  Contact the studio director if you have concerns you’d like to discuss before coming to a class.  A Gentle class or Private lesson can be the best way to begin or re-start a Yoga practice after an injury or illness.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your first class.
Do you offer private instruction?
Yes! One-on-one or small-group lessons are available by appointment with our instructors.  Contact us to make an appointment and check out our Teachers page.
What is Anusara Yoga?
Anusara Yoga is a popular yoga method based on a spiritually life-affirming, intellectually vigorous Tantrik Yoga philosophy and modern postural Yoga techniques that support the evolution of Consciousness, and of us.

Anusara Yoga uses an elegant and concise system of alignment principles to empower students to continually refine their understanding and mastery of yoga in an ever more subtle and creative manner.  The alignment principles compose a cohesive and effective framework for understanding and progressing in yoga asana, and for living in alignment with one’s own highest hopes and aspirations.

How do I get to OmTown Yoga?
We’re on the northeast corner of NE 55th St. & 35th Avenue NE in the Bryant neighborhood of Seattle, between University Village and Wedgwood. OmTown Yoga is served by Metro buses #65 (via 35th Ave. NE) and #74 (via NE 5th St.). The #65 makes a stop adjacent to the UW Husky Stadium light rail station.  Parking is limited to street parking.   MAP
What are people saying about OmTown Yoga?
“I was looking for a class to learn yoga safely, at my own pace, to be challenged physically and connect with others – you have provided all this with compassion, humor and expert teaching.  This it the best I’ve felt in years, even with arthritis.  Thank you!”

“I really appreciate the focus on anatomy and alignment that you bring to each class.  It always amazes me when we go over certain poses and my body and mind “click” and it makes sense!”

“Wendy is an excellent teacher, and I treasure my time with her.  She listens attentively, readily grasps my concerns and goals, and then draws from her rich well of experience to create helpful yoga practices personalized for my needs.  Her flexibility, warmth, and great sense of humor add to my courage and comfort, especially as I try new things.”

“I truly appreciated your generosity and graciousness in having our group in.  Your class was fun and so open to us as beginners—it was a great space to both challenge ourselves and take care of our minds and bodies.”

“I appreciate the precise instruction delivered with respect, intelligence and wit. Wendy’s adept guidance continually leads me toward a deeper yoga practice — and the benefits it offers to simultaneously tune in and chill out.”

“Wendy has inspired me to stretch my physical capacities with her gentle and humorous coaching. Her knowledge of the body, mind and spirit connection has brought strength and calmness into my life, through good times and some bad times. Even when I have to drag myself to class, I am always renewed and grateful after each session.”

I like Wendy’s inventive teaching style.  No two classes are ever alike!  She has a way of challenging all levels of students.  Her intro classes are just as interesting as her advanced classes.  While she is a serious and knowledgeable teacher, there is an element of fun to her instruction that I find appealing. I love the physicality of Anasura yoga but there ismore to be gained than just improving strength and balance.  The beautiful OmTown Yoga studio is a haven for me from the stresses of everyday life. I enjoy the connections I’ve made with Wendy and with fellow students.  Most importantly, weekly classes with Wendy teach and remind me of the value of opening to grace.”



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