Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

Must I register in advance or can I just drop in?

Our classes are taught progressively over the session and each session has specific beginning and ending dates. You are encouraged to register in advance for the entire session. You are also welcome to drop in to any class and pay the $17 drop in fee or buy a pre-paid class bundle. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in.

What is your make-up policy?

If you must miss a class, you may make it up in any other class during the current session. Fees are not transferable to subsequent sessions.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable, non-binding clothing that allows freedom of movement and a clear view or outline of your knees. T-shirt/tank and shorts or leggings are fine. We work in bare feet. We have a small changing room. Please no heavy perfume, scents or heavy jewelry.
Do I need to bring anything?
All props are provided and you are welcome to bring your own.
What if I arrive late?
Please arrive a few minutes early. Classes begin on time. If you do arrive late and the class has begun its opening meditation, please sit quietly in the entry area and wait for a signal from the teacher to come in.
What about food?
It’s best to refrain from eating at least one hour before class.
I have an injury, can I participate?
Please inform your teacher about any health concerns, injuries or movement limitations you have.
Do you offer private instruction?
Yes! One-on-one or small-group lessons are available by appointment with our instructors. Contact us, and check out our Private Instruction page.
How do I get to OmTown Yoga?

We’re on the northeast corner of NE 55th St. & 35th Avenue NE in the Bryant neighborhood of Seattle, between University Village and Wedgwood. OmTown Yoga is served by Metro Buses #65 (via 35th Ave. NE) and #30 or #74 (via NE 55th St.) Street parking is available and a bike rack is on site. MAP

I’m not in your area, where else can I study yoga around Seattle?

Check out Yoga Blaze for a complete listing of area studios.

What is Anusara Yoga?

Anusara yoga is a popular yoga method based on a heart expansive, life-affirming Tantric philosophy, which posits an inherent benevolence to all creation. In this view, everything, including our bodies, our emotions, our challenges and our joys, becomes an avenue toward optimal evolution and balance of our hearts and minds through the various practices of yoga.

Anusara yoga also utilizes an elegant and concise system of alignment principles called The Universal Principles of Alignment. Learning these principles empowers students from the beginning of their practice, and creates a cohesive and effective framework for understanding and progress in yoga asana, as well as a way for advanced students to refine their mastery of yoga in an ever more subtle and creative manner.

Anusara yoga is taught with the qualities of Attitude, Alignment and Action. Attitude is the why of your practice, your intention, your inspiration, the compelling reason you come to the mat. Alignment is the skill through which Attitude becomes physical, the art of the outer form of the pose, as well as the alignment of the inner self with the right efforts of the body. Action is the doing, creating, and manifesting of heart’s intention, the devotion and doing of the practice.

Anusara yoga places strong emphasis on the development of a rockin’ diverse group of yoga devoted individuals from all ages and walks of life, who are united in their joy of the practice and their dedication to uplifting and supporting each other.