OmTown Yoga Teachers

Wendy Lippmann, Founder

Wendy Lippmann founded OmTown Yoga in 2003, having practiced meditation and yoga for several decades. She brings a wealth of information about gross and subtle anatomy to her lessons, earned from hands on experience as a massage therapist for a dozen years, in addition to the illuminating wisdom of living, sometimes adventurously, in a body for more than 60.  Wendy learned Transcendental Meditation as a teenager and studies in a related lineage today, so she understands the challenges and the compounding bliss of meditation.  She was in her 30s—athletic on weekends and with a desk job  by day—when a back injury and extreme pain became the portals to Yoga, and Yoga became Wendy’s primary life support system. She studied yoga first and devotedly with Feldenkrais-influenced Treya Forlenza, then enjoyed a terrific education at the Brian Utting School of Massage, and grew a thriving massage therapy practice while teaching yoga throughout Seattle. She joined the illustrious teaching staff at Seattle Yoga Arts in 1996 under the tutelage of master teacher and mentor Denise Benitez.  Luckily, in the early part of this century Wendy joined the merry ascent of Anusara Yoga, which infused her practice, and ultimately her teaching, with its heart-opening, exuberant spirit.  Wendy teaches with clarity, precision and humor. Her classes feature therapeutic movement and breathing sequences guided with intelligent biomechanical principles, spiritual inspiration and humor.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

“I am a true believer that Yoga is an elixir of freedom and fulfillment; that it encompasses ideas, disciplines, exercises–both sacred and mundane–that can free our bodies, minds, and spirits from suffering; that we can in fact experience in present consciousness the transcendent union of the our self with something eternal, infinite and absolute; I believe everyone is enriched through small and large acts of kindness, gestures of benevolence and expressions of gratitude. I try to be awake, aware and do my best. I opened a yoga studio to nurture a friendly, supportive, inquisitive community of thoughtful people interested in healthy practices like Yoga. May it serve as a balm for our hearts.”

In addition to public classes, Wendy teaches in one-on-one private sessions. Wendy is an LMP (Licensed Massage Practitioner), an Anusara-Inspired Teacher formerly associated with the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, and has earned E-RYT 500 status with The Yoga Alliance, its highest designation. Email:

Private Lessons with Wendy Lippmann

Yoga’s Practical Applications

Yoga’s practical applications include stress reduction, rehabilitation after illness or injury, improved strength, flexibility, focus and self confidence. The yogic approach to exercise, rehabilitation, and personal growth reflects thousands of years of practice and refinement by people seeking happiness, health and ease. Yoga’s ancient and time-tested formulas for healthy living can help manage contemporary, stress-related discomforts and ailments.

Private Lessons

In addition to OmTown Yoga’s array of excellent yoga classes, I offer one-on-one yoga sessions at our beautiful studio in Seattle.

If you’re new to yoga, private lessons can introduce you to yoga at your own pace and teach you how to modify common poses based on your special needs.

If you want individual coaching in yoga, private lessons can take you to a higher level in your practice.

If you have repetitive postural stresses from work or play, or you tend to aggravate old injuries, private lessons can be preventive and remedial.  I bring 15 years of experience in  massage therapy to my evolving work.

Private lessons can help me design a yoga routine for you to use at home, work, play, or on-the-go.

Anusara Yoga’s Universal Principles of Alignment are my framework to assess postural strain, imbalances in strength and flexibility, chronic pain, or other concerns that affect your activities of daily living.

Yoga is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.  Yoga can help you invigorate all your activities of daily living.

Office Hours are By Appointment

Make an appointment for an individual or small group session or yoga lesson: call 206.706.2656 or email.


$100/one hour   Inquire about fees for semi-private and family lessons. Payment is due at the time of service. Some insurance carriers may reimburse your expense.

OmTown Yoga studio is located at 5500 35th Avenue NE in the Bryant neighborhood between University Village and Wedgwood.

Sally Frankenberg

“I started taking yoga about 13 years ago when I had young children and in retrospect I realize I wanted three main things: to have and enjoy time and space for just myself, to get exercise, and to find relief from chronic hip discomfort from an old dance injury. What started as tuning out (schedules/lists, should do’s, need to do’s), evolved into “tuning in” to myself. At some point along the way I became interested in testing what I learned on the mat and began “practicing” yoga–off the mat. I enjoyed being in class, and I relished equally the “takeaways” that I could mull over or use outside of class. I also became intrigued with trying to understand how my teachers did what they did. How could spending an hour or so doing Yoga enable me to feel so much more comfortable and good in my own skin?

Kristen Domonell

Kristen is a health writer and daydreamer from the east coast who moved to Seattle in search of taller mountains and a more conscious lifestyle.  She first experienced the healing benefits of a regular yoga practice in 2013, during what can be characterized as a millennial quarter-life crisis.  After living in seven homes in six years, she is happy to be living, teaching, working, and learning in the Pacific Northwest.  As a writer, Kristen is a storyteller at heart, and her classes are inspired by daily observations, poetry, music, and science.  She completed her 200-hour teacher training at yogaview in Chicago in 2015 while completing her MS in Health Communication at Northwestern University, and is currently pursuing an additional 300-hour advanced training through Seattle Yoga Arts.  She is drawn to teach because she knows what it feels like to finally find your toes–and yourself–after years of grasping with no luck, and wants to empower others to step into their experience.  You can expect her classes to be challenging, yet accessible, and feature intelligent and safe sequencing with a healthy dose of alignment cues and fun.



Patty Turnberg

Patty Turnberg, a lifelong student of dance and aerobics, has always filled her life with the joy of moving.  Recently, in recognition and appreciation of the aging process, her focus turned to yoga and she earned her 200 hour Teacher Training Certificate from 8 Limbs Yoga Center in Seattle.  Her aim is to guide people of all ages into moving and breathing with intention and joy.

Julia Robins

Julia found yoga at the end of her high school career at her local gym. What began as a workout void of any connection to the mind and soul evolved into more than she could have ever imagined. Julia’s goal as a teacher is to facilitate her students’ connection to the magic of yoga. She teaches from a trauma-informed perspective, meets students where they are, and  encourages students to tap into their innate strength without judgment and with grace. Julia has a background in dance, and as such finds joy in combining easeful movements, strong flows, and “play” with her love for breaking down poses, workshopping them, and exploring the myriad ways we can embody the yoga day to day. Teachers and peers have described her teaching presence as gentle, yet strong and supportive.


Marcie Leek

Marcie is a certified Viniyoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level.  She is also certified in Yoga for Round Bodies.  She has found Yoga, meditation, and breath work to be powerful tools in her life, and she is inspired to help others do the same.  Marcie’s warmth and wisdom support students in finding their own comfort and unique abilities in Yoga.   For more information about Marcie visit marcie